Dependencies: ChromeDriver host
Binaries for ChromeDriver are available packed as zero documents regarding numerous sponsor systems about the downloading webpage.
Protected Applications
ChromeDriver facilitates operating assessments on Stainless visitor (edition 30+) in addition to WebView-dependent applications beginning in Android 4.4 (KitKat) which have allowed internet debugging and JavaScript. You are able to deploy Stainless application from:Steady:

Selenium Distant Drivers
The conventional selenium task distant motorist vocabulary bindings have to be mounted for the vocabulary of preference regarding composing your assessments. This motorist can be obtained from your own pleasant nearby bundle supervisor or even the selenium task ( For instance, the terminology bindings for Python could be mounted using pip.

MONEY pip deploy selenium software
Android SDK
The SDK could be saved from

Gadget Needs

By Stainless edition 33, a grounded gadget isn’t any longer needed. If operating assessments on mature variations of Stainless, products must be grounded as ChromeDriver needed write-access towards the /information/neighborhood listing to create Stainlessis command-line reasons.

Operating ChromeDriver Host

ONE. Begin the Android SDKis Android Debug Link (adb) host:

$ adb begin-host
TWO. If screening on Stainless application just before edition 33, guarantee adb spend offers study/write-access to /information/neighborhood listing about the gadget:

MONEY adb spend su -do chmod 777 /information/community
THREE. Begin the ChromeDriver host. It’ll printing the interface it’s hearing on:

Began ChromeDriver (v2.0) on interface 9515
Android-certain Preferred Features

The next abilities are relevant to each Stainless and WebView applications:
androidPackage: The bundle title of the Stainless or WebView application.
androidDeviceSerial: (Recommended) the unit sequential amount which to start the application (Observe Several Products area under).
androidUseRunningApp: (Recommended) Affix To an currently-operating application in the place of starting the application having a distinct information listing.
The next abilities are just relevant to WebView applications.
androidActivity: Title of the Game hosting the WebView.
androidProcess: (Recommended) Procedure title of the Game hosting the WebView (as distributed by ps). Or even provided, the procedure title is thought to become just like androidPackage.
Managing a Check

Assessments must move the app’s bundle title towards the host when designing the motorist through the capabilitychromeOptions.androidPackage. For instance, a small Python check appears like this:

from selenium transfer webdriver
Features =
‘androidPackage’: ‘’,

Motorist EQUALS webdriver.Remote(‘http://localhost:9515’, abilities)
Several Products

To utilize a specific gadget to get a program, stipulate androidDeviceSerial like a preferred capacity.

When the sequential amount isn’t specific, the host may choose an abandoned gadget randomly to keep company with every program. A mistake is likely to be delivered if most products curently have energetic periods, therefore assessments must ensure that you phone stop when completed.


In case your assessments be prepared to connect with wd/centre, you can include –link-base=wd/hub when starting the host:

DOLLAR./chromedriver –link-base=wd/centre
Stainless Drivers Binary

Most ChromeOS check pictures will possess Stainless Motorist binary mounted in /usr/community/chromedriver/. The binary is updated towards the identical edition of Stainless for the reason that check picture. That’s, you’ll continually be utilizing the newest develop of Stainless Motorist.
In case your check needs to operate against a “stable” develop of Stainless Motorist binary, you’ll need certainly to create your personal signal inside your check to obtain the specified binary and substitute the binary in /usr/community/chromedriver/.

Just how to utilize Stainless Motorist within an Autotest check

Composing a check that utilizes Stainless Motorist to connect to Stainless is simple. There’s a wrapper course regarding utilizing Stainless Motorist obtainable in ChromeOSORAutotest. The wrapper course, like a framework supervisor kind, and addresses the next duties for you personally:
Firewood in ChromeOS utilizing Telemetry.
Begins Stainless Motorist using Distant style about the Gadget under Check (DUT) and links towards the distant debug interface of the Stainless occasion after sign in.
Reveals a motorist occasion for you really to create any Stainless Motorist calls.
Shutdowns Stainless Motorist procedure, and firewood out-of ChromeOS.

To create a check, you are able to follow the exemplory instance of test desktopui_UrlFetchWithChromeDriver. All that’s necessary to complete to get going are ostensibly:
Transfer the wrapper type
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros transfer chromedriver
Produce a case of the Stainless Motorist, and create calls.
Using chromedriver.chromedriver() as chromedriver_instance:
Drivers = chromedriver_instance.driver
NUMBER here-you could make regular Stainless Motorist calls through the motorist occasion.
NUMBER for instance, search confirmed url using|driver.get(link)|

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