Agile Testing Methodologies

Software industry is thriving and it has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the business world. When many new software applications are being developed, the need to test them for their accuracy, consistency and overall performance is very much high. In the early years of software development, testing was executed manually and it had many drawbacks. It consumed a lot of time and the chances for human errors were greater.

In order to contain these minus points, test automation tools were invented and out of the many tools, Selenium gained more popularity. At present, Selenium is one of the most widely used test automation tools across the world to test web based applications.

Why Selenium

As mentioned earlier there are any test automation tools, still, Selenium is being used widely. Testing web based applications is one of the uses of selenium. Why Selenium is very popular? Here are the answers.

  • Selenium is free and open source. Hence, there is no necessity to pay either the license or maintenance fee. Thus, testing can be done with lesser expense.
  • Selenium is highly user-friendly and easy to learn.
  • Selenium supports many programming languages such as java, C#, python, ruby PHP etc and hence, if you are comfortable with any of these languages, you do need not learn a programming language.
  • Selenium is compatible with multiple platforms and browsers, hence, persons who are comfortable with different platforms and browsers can work on it.
  • There is a vast community of selenium experts to provide technical assistance and guidance.
  • Selenium can execute tests faster than many commercial tools including QTP.

Future of Selenium

Computerization is happening at a good pace and many virgin areas are being computerised. At this juncture, the demand for many new software applications is coming up and this increases the need for testing. Even many existing software applications have to be upgraded and updated to meet new requirements. Testing is necessary. This indicates that the demand for selenium will increase in the future and so also the demand for selenium experts.

Selenium Tutorials

At a time when the demand for selenium experts is increasing like never before, many selenium training programs have come up with the aim of creating more selenium professionals. Online Selenium tutorials have received wide acceptance as these courses help working professionals to learn selenium and to shift to a career in selenium testing. According to HR experts, many software personals who were working in other domains have shifted to a career in testing this commands great respect in the industry and the professionals are well paid.

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