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Software testing gained more importance of automation testing in today’s world. Most of the today’s software applications are meant for performing complex and multiple functions. They should be made capable of functioning properly, as even a minute error may end up in severe damages and losses.

Earlier, when the software applications were simple, manual testing was enough for testing but manual testing became insufficient to test complex software applications. Manual testing takes too much of time for completing each test and is costly also the manpower involved is large. Moreover, the chances of human errors are more in manual testing.

At this juncture, many automation testing tools have been invented. An importance of Automation testing introduction made the testing cheaper and less time to consume and at the same time, it made the life of testers easy too.

Use of Automation Testing

  • As in the case of any product, software applications should be tested for their quality and overall performance. Automation testing makes tests less costly and less time-consuming.
  • Automation testing can reduce the chances of human errors considerably and can provide accurate results.
  • Automation testing supports repeating the tests and thus ensure good quality of the software applications.

There are many automation testing frameworks vis a vis the tools. The most important task in automation testing is to select the right framework and tool. In order to do this, you need to have in-depth knowledge of automation testing tools and frameworks. There are many courses that provide automation testing certification which can help you in this regard.

As you are aware, the software industry is registering a consistent growth and this is creating more opportunities for experts in automation testing. This made many professionals working in the other domains in the software industry to shift to a  career in testing. Many online training programs have come up to help them learn to test without sacrificing their jobs

At present software testing has become a flourishing career that commands a lot of respect in the software industry and is also a highly paid career. These features attract the ambitious people to this career. However, it is a highly challenging career and you need to have good talent and expertise in different automation testing processes, frameworks, and tools to make it big in your career.

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