Advantages of Selenium Java Tutorial

Selenium Java Tutorial : Selenium has many advantages over its competitors and hence it has become the world’s number one test automation tool for testing web based applications. Selenium is a free and open source software and hence the testing expenditure will be reduced considerably.

This is very necessary, as along with the quality, the price of the product also plays an important role in deciding the success of a product in this highly competitive market.

Secondly, Selenium is compatible with many different platforms and different browsers. Hence, it can be used by professionals comfortable with different platforms and browsers. Similarly, people with proficiency in different programming languages can also use Selenium as it supports multiple programming languages.

Even though you might come across many courses such as selenium with java, selenium with C# etc you might wonder about the need for such courses. Certainly, these courses have great significance and one among them is that it helps those who do not have knowledge in any program language to learn selenium. Secondly, it enhances the chances for job by teaching one more language.

Among such courses, selenium with Java is the most widely sought after course. There are several advantages of learning java along with selenium and using java to write test scripts in selenium.

  • Selenium webdriver is written in java and hence the knowledge of java will make the work easier and smoother. Selenium with java for beginners is one of the ideal course for the beginners who wish to make a career in Selenium testing. It starts with the basics of selenium and goes deeply into the advanced features of selenium. At the same time it will teach java from the basics.
  • About 80% of the selenium users across the world are using java to write test scripts while executing tests with selenium. Hence, it will not be difficult to get help from the selenium support community.
  • Java, as a programming language has many advantages over its counterparts. These advantages will certainly help the testers to work with selenium more easily and effectively.

Hence, it is advisable to learn java along with selenium to master the technology and to be a perfect tester. At a time when selenium experts are enjoying good demand, selenium testing training with java course will certainly help you to grab very good opportunities. Besides, it will help you to grow in your selenium testing career.

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