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Choosing the right way of testing is very much importance in deciding the fate of the testing. One need to depend on the right way to get the perfect and accurate results. Choosing the right way, the tester can go in the right direction and can attain perfection in testing. Here let us learn how to choose the right way of testing.

How To Choose The Right Way Of Testing

There are many factors that influence the decision on choosing the right way of testing. Broadly, they can be categorized as External and Internal factors.

Internal Factors

Here are some internal factors which should be taken into consideration while choosing the right way of testing. These factors are related to the internal operations of a project.

  • Development Model Used: – The model used to develop the program has immense influence in deciding the way of testing. For example, assume that the software requirements specifications contains a number of state transition diagrams. In that case state transition testing will be the best method.
  • Project Documentation: –  The content and the style of project documentation such as Software Requirements Specification, Functional Requirements Documents etc play a decisive role in determining the way of testing. For example, if state graph and decision tables are used in the project, the test method should be the one which ensure the proper testing of test graphs and decision tables.
  • Skillset of Testers: – Skillset of Testers is another decisive internal factor that influences the process of choosing the right way of testing. The  testers should be capable of handling the testing in the way decided.
  • Test Objective: – The test objective should be clear to the testing team before choosing the right way of testing. Then only, they can choose the most suitable method of testing.
  • Software Test Life Cycle Model Used: – The software test sife cycle model also play an important role. Here we need to decide between a sequential model or an iterative one.

External Factors

Here are some external factors which play important role in choosing the right way of testing. There are out of the project and the decision will be taken by the organization.

  • Risks: – Risks to be taken care of while deciding the testing method. If a high level risk is involved then more formal testing should be conducted. If the risk is less, casual testing will be enough.
  • End Users: – The nature of end users should be kept in mind while deciding on the method of testing. This will help to execute the test perfectly.
  • Project Deadline: – Meeting the deadline is of more importance in any project and the method of testing should be decided and the testing should be planned accordingly.
  • Budget: – There are different types of tests and testing methods but they all cost certain amounts to the organization. Hence, the organization should keep the budget in mind while choosing the right way of testing.

However, it is not necessary to choose only one way of testing for a project. Based on the situation, the testers should be flexible and they can apply more than one method also.

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