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Software sector is thriving and many new applications are being developed almost every other day. Each software application should be tested for its overall performance, consistency, and scalability. In early stages of software development, the testing was done manually and in due course, many test automation tools were being invented. Later test automation frameworks came into existence to ensure a higher level of perfection and precision in testing.

Automation Test Frameworks are nothing but a set of guidelines to execute the test effectively, smoothly and perfectly. Test automation frameworks will tell you how to handle the test data, script naming conventions, write test scripts, organize scripts and many other things. Automation frameworks are necessary to ensure the long-term success of test automation and the selection of the right framework will help you to ease the task and provide accurate results.

Although the test automation methodologies differ from test to test, use of automation test framework will be very useful. There are several types of test automation frameworks and the major ones are mentioned below.

Modular Framework

When you use a modular framework, the entire process of testing will be divided into section and independent scripts will be created for each section. These sections or modules can be used in multiple scenarios. This framework is recommended for large and stable applications.

Functional Library Framework

This is very similar to the modular framework but the framework divides common actions into functions or procedures. Independent scripts will not be created but libraries will be created to represent these sections. This framework is recommended for small and medium sized stable applications.

Keyword driven Framework

The keyword driven framework is completely independent of application and keywords are essential. Data tables will be created with keywords in this framework. Tests can get complex but flexible. Expertise is needed to create tests but managing the same is simple. The keyword driven framework is scalable and reusable. This type of frameworks is advised for testing small applications.

Data Driven Framework

In data driven framework, data used will be kept in external files and the input and output values are read from the associated files as the test goes on. A lot of tests can be executed within a short time using this framework and is suitable for all types of applications.

Hybrid Framework

The hybrid framework is a combination of keyword driven framework and data-driven framework and it is the most widely used test automation framework. It is suitable for medium and large applications.

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