Selenium Webdriver Python Tutorial - Selenium Webdriver Python Tutorial An Overview

Selenium Webdriver Python Tutorial : Selenium has become the most widely used test automation tool for testing web based applications. At a time when websites are being used as effective tools for marketing, business houses are dependent on web based applications.Many new applications are being created every day and at this juncture, the demand for application testers is increasing.

As more and more developers and test managers prefer selenium to test web based applications, demand for experts in selenium is increasing day by day. Many selenium training courses have come up to cater to the need of the hour. There are many advanced selenium courses including selenium webdriver training courses too.

As you are aware, selenium supports many programming languages and you need not learn a specific programming language if you know any of the languages supported by selenium. If you are a non-programmer and are uncomfortable with any of the programming languages, you can choose some specific courses such as selenium webdriver, python tutorial or selenium training with java. In these courses, you can learn a language also along with selenium testing.

Popularity for selenium with python training programs is increasing nowadays. The easiness in using python is the major reason behind this increasing popularity. The program may run slower than java programs but takes lesser time to develop. Coding is 3 to 5 times shorter than java or C#. Similarly, there are many Python APIs which will make the program development easier.

The selenium videos provided in selenium with Python training courses will contain the lessons on Python along with that of Selenium. Similarly, selenium live project training session also will help the students to learn the programming language in depth and provide practical knowledge. Selenium interview questions provided in this course will contain questions and answers about Python.

Thus from a single course, one can learn a programming language and also selenium testing. However, one should select the trainer with great care to derive maximum benefits out of training. You should visit the official websites of the trainers and go through the sample study materials posted over there, including selenium videos and interview questions to assess the quality of the study materials. Attending free orientation sessions and webinars offered by the trainers also will help you to get an idea about the quality of the training. You can take the help of social media and related open discussion forums to get the names of reputed trainers.

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