Details about Selenium Webdriver Methods - selenium webdriver tutorials

Selenium has become the most widely used test automation tool and most of the web developers and testers prefer this over other tools. Selenium has many advantages some of them are as follows:

  • Selenium is free and open source software. This will help to reduce the price of the final product and a lesser price is always a plus point in the tough competition.
  • Selenium is compatible with multiple platforms and browsers. This helps people who are comfortable with different platforms and browsers to work with selenium.
  • Selenium supports different programming languages and this is also an advantage as people who are well versed in different languages can work with selenium.

When the popularity of selenium has increased and when more and more people started opting for selenium courses, many selenium online training programs have come up. Most of them provide excellent training and help to create more selenium professionals to meet the ever rising demand.

Selenium webdriver methods is an important aspect in test automation using selenium and each tutorial will deal with this part, comprehensively. Selenium webdriver methods are useful for performing actions on browser and web elements such as links, buttons, checkboxes etc. element locators and webdriver methods are used to create test cases. There are several different methods in selenium webdriver and some of them are as follows:

get() method

This method is used for opening a new page in the existing browser window. However, the URL to be opened should be a fully qualified URL

Syntax: get(url)


This method is used for getting a string representing the URL currently opened in the browser.

Syntax: getCurrentUrl()


This method is used for deriving the title of the current page.

Syntax: getTitle()


This method is used to find all elements in the current page open in the browser

Syntax: findElements(By by)

find WebElement()

This method is used for finding the first web element in the page.

Syntax: WebElement findElement(By by)


This method is used for deriving the source of the current page opened in the browser. However, if the page has been modified after loading, you may not get the text of the modified page.

Syntax: getPageSource()


This method is used to close the current window. If multiple windows are open, it will close only the active window.

Syntax: void close()


This is used to quit the driver instance and all the windows related to it will get closed

Syntax: void quit()


This method is used to get window handles.

Syntax: getWindowHandle()


This method allows the driver to access the browser history and to navigate to the desired page.

Syntax: Webdriver.Navigation navigate()


This method gets option interface.

Syntax: Webdriver.Options manage()

These are the basic commands of selenium webdriver methods and the tutorials will teach more elaborately.

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