What is Keyword Driven Framework? It is a frequently asked question and this article provides a detailed answer to the question. The keyword driven testing framework is a testing method for software testing and is suitable for both manual and automated testings. Here a set of keywords is identified and then associate an action or function associated with the keywords. In this type of testing, each and every action including opening and closing of a browser is identified with a keyword. It is being hailed as the easiest method of software testing.

Common Components of a Keyword Driven Framework

As mentioned earlier, the major difference between a keyword driven framework and other frameworks is the presence of keywords. The keywords should be identified and stored to easily use them. Keyword driven framework has many components and they are

  • Excel Sheet: This is the only external component in keyword driven framework and it is used to store keywords.
  • Function Library: Probably the most important component of a keyword driven framework which should have all necessary intelligents or you should build it in such a way that it will be able to read the excel sheets and call out various functions based on the keywords.
  • Data Sheets: As in the case of other frameworks, data sheets are used to store test data.
  • Object Repository: Whether to use object repository or not is strictly based on the design of the keyword driven framework and it is not necessary that you should use it regularly.
  • Test Scripts: When you use a keyword driven framework, you can have different scripts for different tests or have a single driver script for executing all the test cases.

Advantages of Keyword Driven Framework

  • When you use a keyword driven framework, simple keywords will evoke an action. This can be created by anybody and you do not need technical knowledge or any working experience.
  • Provides a more simple view of tests which can be understood by all and what a specific test has done.
  • A Tester does not need to have any prior programming experience.
  • The testing method is independent of the application interface and hence can be constructed and conducted even before the interface is implemented.
  • Keywords can be reused for other new tests and hence the process will be easy.
  • Functional testing can be run at an early stage of development.
  • It can be implemented by non-technical persons too.
  • Maintenance is very low
  • Data driven testing is also possible as it allows passing of parameters to and from keywords.

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