Automation Test Frameworks - All about Automation Test Frameworks

As in the case of all other production processes, testing is an integral part of software development and it was performed manually in the early years of software development. Lately many test automation tools have been invented to automate the testing processes to get the right results and also to execute the test within short span of time and for a lesser cost.

Automation test framework plays an important role in test automation. A framework is nothing but a combination of rules, guidelines, standards, protocols etc that can be incorporated or followed while executing the tests. There are different types of test automation frameworks and the major ones are;

  • Module based testing framework
  • Library architecture testing framework
  • Data driven testing framework
  • Keyword driven testing framework
  • Hybrid testing framework
  • Behaviour driven development framework

Similarly there are different test automation methodologies too and some of them are

  • Record and replay
  • Functional test automation
  • Data driven test automation
  • Keyword driven test automation
  • Hybrid test automation

Although test automation eased the testing processes, one should be an expert in the process to conduct it efficiently. The testers should have in-depth knowledge about various test automation frameworks and test automation methodologies. Then only can they select the appropriate test automation framework and methodology for testing. This selection is of great significance as you need to use proper framework and methodology to get the perfect result.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, there are a good number of test automation tools. Each tool is used for a specific testing and some tools can be used for testing more aspects. Sometimes, these tools can be incorporated with each other to perform complex functions. Thus, a professional tester should have thorough knowledge of test automation tools.

There are different tutorials which help the ambitious persons to learn test automation processes and take up a career as software tester. While there are some courses which teach specific test automation tools, there are some other courses which deal with specific types of testing. In such courses, all the test automation tools that are used for that type of testing will be taught.

Thus you need to have a thorough knowledge about different types of test automation frameworks, methodologies and tools to be a successful tester. As the software testing career is flourishing, you will certainly find many opportunities.

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