Since the beginning, the developers have realized the need to test each and every software application they develop as even a minor defect in it, can end up in huge losses. In the early years of software development, the software applications were tested manually. As the years passed the software applications developed are becoming complex. At present, there are many applications which are meant for multiple functions. In such a situation manual testing proved to be insufficient and expensive.

As a solution, many test automation tools have been invented and of the many, Selenium Testing tool has become the numero uno in the world with many attractive features.

  • Selenium is an open source test automation tool which is free. No fees have to be paid either for purchase or for maintenance.
  • A vast community of Selenium experts is ready to offer technical support.
  • It is compatible with multiple operating systems and browsers
  • It supports multiple programming languages.
  • It is faster in executing tests than many other commercial products including QTP.

As Selenium became more popular, more and more developers and test managers started preferring it and thus ending in the huge demand for experts in Selenium. When the number of Selenium jobs increased, many Selenium testing tutorials have come up to create more selenium professionals.

There are different types of Selenium training programs. Selenium Basics training tutorials deal with the basics of Selenium testing tool. This will cover the different components of Selenium testing suite and also train the trainees in selenium testing processes. At the same time, Advanced Selenium training courses will deal with incorporating selenium with different other test automation tools and frameworks to enhance its functionalities and perform testing more efficiently.

You need to have the basic knowledge of any one of the programming languages supported by Selenium to learn it. If you are a non-programmer or if you do not have knowledge of any programming language, you can join the courses such as selenium training with java, selenium training with C# etc. In such courses, you can learn the corresponding programming language along with Selenium.

At a time when the software industry is thriving, software testing has become one of the most flourishing professions in this sector. This is a well-paid profession and the testers are enjoying good respect too. Hence, many professionals working in other domains within the software sector are shifting to a career in testing. Courses such as selenium online training programs are helping them to achieve their goals.

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