Test Automation Developer - Opportunities for Software Testers

IT revolution has brought in many positive changes in the job market and one among them is the introduction many new career opportunities. It has paved the way for the increase of many new professions such as software developer, test automation developer etc.

As the software industry is registering a consistent growth, these new generation professions will keep flourishing in the future. In this article, we will discuss the career opportunities for test automation developers.

Just like any other product, software should be tested for its performance, consistency, scalability, and reliability. In the early stages of software development, manual testing was executed to test each software. This was a time-consuming process as the tester had to sit in front of the system, executing each test. It demanded more manpower and was highly time-consuming too. In other words, the expenditure was high for manual testing and this reflected in the price of the final product.

As more and more companies entered into software development, the competition has become tougher and in this competitive market, quality along with the price of the product plays an important role in making or marring a brand. Thus, there arose a need to curtail the expenditure for testing and also to limit the time taken for testing. This resulted in the invention of many test automation tools.

At present, test automation is gaining popularity and it has sidelined its predecessor manual testing in most areas. In software testing, test automation tools are being used widely. This has increased the demand for automation testers.

An automation tester should be an expert in any one or more test automation tools and he or she should be able to execute the tests with the required tools. Although automation tester is also known as test automation developer, their function is totally different from that of a software developer and even the pay scales are separate.

As you are aware, more and more virgin areas are being computerized every day. When a new area is being computerized there arises the need for new software applications to perform new functions. Similarly, the development in information technology is helping us to make our living easier with many new software applications which are able to perform many of our days today functions smoothly. As the time goes, more and more new software applications are being developed which contain more such functions, including bank transactions, online shopping etc.

Each and every software should be tested and the growth in the software sector is showing a demand for software testing professionals. Hence, there will be a huge demand for software testing professionals in future and it will continue for quite some time.

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