Install TestNG - How to Install TestNG,Install TestNG Tutorial

TestNG, the testing framework for java programming language is designed to cover a wider range of test types including unit test, functional test etc. It has many powerful and easy to use functionalities.

Advantages of TestNG

  • Reports of HTML execution can be produced.
  • Execution of tests made easier
  • Grouping and prioritizing of test cases is easy
  • Can execute multiple tests parallelly
  • Logs can be executed
  • Data can be parameterized
  • Annotation support will make testing easier and less time consuming

TestNG can be incorporated with Selenium to enhance the functionalities of selenium.

  • Selenium webdriver does not have a mechanism to generate reports but TestNG can generate reports in readable format.
  • TestNG simplifies test coding
  • TestNG will deal with unknown exceptions effectively and will not terminate the tests prematurely.

How to Install TestNG

Selenium will be incorporated with Eclipse IDE to enhance the functionalities and TestNG which can be installed in eclipse. Installing TestNG in eclipse is an easy process.

  1. After launching Eclipse click on the “Help” button on the menu bar and then choose the”Install New Software” option.
  2. Click the “Add” button in the install dialogue box.
  3. Another dialogue box will open. Type “TestNG” in the “Name” column and type  in “Location”
  4. Now “TestNG –” will appear in the “Work with” window. Check TestNG checkbox and click “Next.
  5. Keep on clicking on “Next” button till you reach the License Agreement. Once it is reached click on “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and then click on “Finish”
  6. Now wait a while for installing the program and if you come across with a security warning click “OK”.
  7. Eclipse will ask for a restart and then click “OK”
  8. After the restart verify whether the TestNG is installed properly.

We have already discussed the advantages of TestNG when incorporated with Selenium. Hence, it is an important subject in all selenium tutorials. Actually, incorporating selenium with many other tools and frameworks including TestNG will be taught in advanced selenium courses. Selenium live project training in these courses will also have this type of integration.

Selenium is being widely used across the world for testing web based applications. At a time when more and more web based applications are coming up, the demand for selenium experts is also increasing. However, you should have expertise in advanced level selenium to grow as a selenium tester and hence you should pursue advanced selenium testing training courses. In these courses, you can learn more about TestNG in detail.

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