Locating Elements in Selenium

Locating elements is a necessary process to carry out testing and it is a difficult task. You should locate the right element within a short time to execute the test promptly and perfectly. Selenium, world’s leading test automation tool for testing web based applications is highly user-friendly and offers different methods to locate elements on web page.

There are different locators in Selenium and you can select the locator based on the nature of the application under test.

Locating elements in Selenium

Locating Elements by ID

Usually, the ID of each element will be unique and if you know the ID of the element you are searching for, this is the best method to locate the element.

Finding Elements by Name

Names are easy to remember and hence finding elements by name is preferred by most of the selenium professionals. This is also an easy process.

Finding Elements by Link Text

This locator is applicable only to hyperlink texts. In other words, you can use this locator to find an element only when the targeted element is a link text. Elements can be found using partial link text also.

Finding Elements by Class Name

If the targeted element consists of a class name and if you know the class name of the element, this will be the better choice.

Finding Elements by Tag Name

If the targeted element does not have an ID, name or class name, then the best option is to use the locator to find the element by Tag name. However, this is not popular and is being used when there is no other alternative.

Finding Elements by XPath

When other locators fail to find element then this locator can be used. XPath is nothing but XML path and it is used to find elements using HTML DOM structure.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, identifying an element is very crucial in testing and hence locators play an important role in the whole testing process. You should use the right locator to get the desired result and to select the right locator, you should have thorough knowledge about various locators and their functions.

Selenium tutorials cover this part of the testing process in depth as it is one of the most important in part of testing. Even in Selenium interview questions, you will find quite a good number of questions and answers about various locators in selenium.

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