WebDriver Check utilizing DNUMBER and Visual Studio 2013 Convey.

Among my movie gets several strike regarding just how to create WebDriver or selenium assessments utilizing DNUMBER. There are lots of lessons on web regarding Espresso although not numerous regarding WebDriver and DONUMBER. I’ll educate you on just how to create check situation in DNUMBER. I’ve visible Facilities 2013 convey version.Step1: Produce WebDriver Task
Produce fresh Task, and select ‘Unit Check Project’, and provide several title states; ‘AddItemToShoppingCart’ and struck OK option.

Produce new Device Test Task

You’ll observe subsequent file framework of course if anyone available UnitTest1.cs, you’ll observe signal

Step1.1C# Signal In Visual Studio

Relabel document, UnitTest1.cs with a reasonable title and course title within the signal as-well.

Step2: Include WebDriver into research.
Visit Handle NuGet Deals and look for WebDriver.

DO# Handle NuGet Bundle

Choose newest edition of WebDriver and Selenium WebDriver Assistance Courses product and press Deploy switch to set up.

Webdriver and WebDriver Assistance documents

After installment, you can observe WebDriver and WebDriver.support in Research under Answer Ie.


Research ‘Selenium chrome’ and deploy Stainless Motorist that’ll include chromedriver.exe into assembling your shed.


Action THREE (elective if you like to make use of NUnit in the place of built-in UnitTestFramework in Visual Studio)
Today for you need certainly to deploy NUnit before composing NUnit. Research NUnit in NuGet Bundle and Deploy. To make use of slim more about NUnit and characteristics, please send Discover Nunit lesson. Within this Guide I’ll Utilize pre-defined Device Test Construction and its own characteristics.

Action 4: Create WebDriver Signal
Today actual execution begins below. This short article may discuss Visual Studio Product Check device that will be actually fresh for me personally also. This UnitTest namespace offers several primary check characteristics that we am likely to utilize.

The [TestClass] feature is needed in Ms Device Test Construction for just about any course which has Check technique and also you wish to run-in Check Discover. Course using Feature [TestClass] should have Check technique.
The [TestMethod] feature would be to allocate a technique inside [TestClass] to operate real check signal.
The [TestInitialize] feature need certainly to allocate towards the method which operates just before operating any [TestMethod] feature technique.
The [TestCleanup] feature method would be to pursue [TestMethod] technique.
[TestInitialize] feature technique may have the code to complete most create like, determining any adjustable necessary for signal, initializing WebDriver, starting link etc.

[TestMethod] feature method may have real check signal that’ll pursue [TestInitialize] and most type of motion and confirmation will require devote this process.

[TestCleanup] feature technique is likely to be possess signal to wash up most type of environment or motion like eliminating any unique create or logout from application and near software. This process might have the signal to planning the reviews etc.

Check Traveler may display just techniques using feature [TestMethod].


Step5: Begin Composing Signal
This area may have actual code.

We’ve two situations to apply

You want to available an e-commerce site and choose nexus telephone and include into trolley and confirm if trolley offers that product before continuing to see.
Examine if you’re able to available discover cosmetics clean.

In the event that you create each situations in actions:

Situation INCH Situation TWO
ONE. Available Brower2. Available software under check states: donethedeal.com3. Click nexus telephone hyperlink that’ll consider one to the explanation page.4. Click Increase Trolley and watch for verification if telephone put into cart.5. Available Trolley hyperlink from top-menu and confirm if Telephone exists there.
SIX. Near the visitor.

ONE. Available Browser2. Available software under check states: donethedeal.com3. Available clean page4. Confirm when product offers explanation of clean

FIVE. Near the visitor.

In the event that you examine above you’ll observe that we’ve typical actions in each situations which we are able to proceed to common-area for every situation which may visit [TestInitialize] and final part of [TestCleanup.]

Before composing real signal, you have to include the research regarding selenium in to the code the following;

Utilizing OpenQA.Selenium;

Utilizing OpenQA.Selenium.Chrome; //to make use of googlechrome visitor.

Utilizing OpenQA.Selenium.Support;

Within this action you have to initialize the visitor, let’s state Opera using Opera Motorist. Anyone initialize software IWebDriver within the [TestClass] that regulates the visitor and also have link regarding software under check therefore these is likely to be accessible over the course.

Today you have to initialize the OperaORstainless visitor and when it’s available, you have to open the link to protect action ONE and step2.

Utilizing Program;
Utilizing Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;
Utilizing OpenQA.Selenium;
Utilizing OpenQA.Selenium.Chrome;
Utilizing OpenQA.Selenium.Support;
Utilizing ExcelReader;

namespace AddItemToShoppingCart
public course VerifyItems

IWebDriver motorist;
Chain link = “http://www.donethedeal.com”;
public void TestSetup()

Motorist = new ChromeDriver();


This feature technique may operate at the conclusion therefore you want to near the visitor below. You simply need certainly to phone driver.Quit() to near the visitor.


public void Cleaning()



Technique with this specific feature may offers the real signal. Produce a community technique with a few reasonable title and allocate the feature. For the time being keep consitently the technique empty develop the clear answer.

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