Selenium Course with Java:

Previously in this collection we released tutorials which focused more on its various facets and online Selenium training IDE. We discussed about its characteristics and added the program. We also built several scripts using Firebug and Selenium online training IDE. From there we moved on to their locating strategies and various kinds of internet components accessible.

Now that we’re well versed with Selenium training IDE, let our learning curve moves towards creating more complex automation scripts using Selenium tutorials on webdriver . Selenium testing tool is among the very powerful automation testing tools. Let’s discuss it.


Selenium with Webdriver videos download is among the popular and most effective instruments of Selenium coaching. Selenium tutorial comes as a prolonged variant to Selenium training RC with benefits that are superfluous and addresses many of its own restrictions. Selenium testing on Webdriver expands its support unlike Selenium tutorial IDE to many latest browsers and platforms. Selenium testing with webdriver videos additionally does not need Selenium videos server to be started unlike Selenium RC prior to execution of the test scripts.

Selenium RC in aggregation with selenium automation with webdriver and java  API is called Selenium 2.0. Selenium was developed to be able to support Ajax calls and dynamic web pages. In addition, it supports various drivers to exercise internet based testing that is cellular.


Selenium testing with webdriver & java is an internet-based testing tool having a subtle difference with Selenium RC. No JavaScript Heavy lifting was needed as we discussed in our initial tutorial where a remote client is made for all the web browser, since, the tool was developed on the essential.

Selenium course makes direct calls to the Web browser along with the complete test script is ran in this way. Webdriver uses abilities and the browsers support to automation.



Unlike Selenium RC, Selenium with Webdriver does not fundamentally need before starting the test script execution Selenium Server to be started. If he/she wants to execute the evaluation execution on a single machine where the browser is living user can leverage the advantage and might or might not need Selenium Server.

When Selenium Server is needed with Webdriver special Instances:

  • When the user want to run test scripts.
  • When the user want to run test scripts.
  • When the user want to run test scripts.

Webdriver is a strictly object oriented framework that works on OS level. It uses the native compatibility to automation of the browser without using any thing that is peripheral. Together with the rising demand it has become by far among the very widely employed open source automation testing tool and has got a big popularity, user base.


Selenium basics supports varied array of web browsers as well as their variations. It supports all the browsers that are standard as well as some uncommon and exceptional browsers like Html Unit browser unlike Selenium IDE and Selenium RC.

Html Unit Browser executes the test scripts similar to other browsers except the truth that it runs in the headless way i.e. GUI-less way and the user will not be able to see the test script execution. Said the test script execution transpires in headless mode, quickens the execution and so the execution speed requires a roll.

Internet based cellular testing is additionally supported by WebDriver. So it supplies Iphone Driver and AndroidDriver to back internet based testing that is cellular.

Note: WebDriver does not easily support browsers that are new.

Language Support

Previously in the sessions we learned to create scripts using playback and record . We saw the best way to create them using commands that were Selenese. While creating test scripts that are such, we come across various restraints.

Several of the restrictions enforced by Selenium IDE are:

  • Does not support conditional statements and iterations
  • Does not support loops
  • Does not support error management
  • Does not support test script dependence

The impediments that are aforementioned can be troubleshot. WebDriver eases an individual construct their test script and to select inside different programming languages.

Selenium supported programming languages are:

  1. Java
  2. C#
  3. PHP
  4. Pearl
  5. Ruby
  6. Python

So an individual can pick any among the programming language (provided the language is supported by Webdriver) based on their competence and can begin assembling test scripts.


webdriver turns out to function as the quickest program amongst all compared to other programs of Selenium suite. The communicating isn’t channelized via any outside intervention; instead the application directly communicates using the browser same. So, Webdriver takes advantage of the native compatibility towards automation of the browser.

Other software from Selenium package like Selenium RC do not communicate directly with the web browser. Client libraries (test scripts written in almost any programming language) convey with Selenium Remote Control Server and Remote Control conveys using a Selenium Center (JavaScript Application) which then communicates using the web browser. Thus, this kind of communicating that is perverted results as a hindrance on execution speed.


Drivers, Types as well as Strategies

Webdriver provides an extensive array of options to some possible challenges in Automation Testing. It helps us to deal using assistance from dynamic finders with complicated forms of internet components like check boxes, drop downs, and alarms.

Together with the introduction of cellular telephone age, Webdriver API introduced a number of the key technologies to enter this horizon and has additionally developed. WebDriver empowers user to execute internet based testing that is cellular telephone. It supplies internet based cellular telephone testing to be performed by two of the essentials drivers.


  • AndriodDriver
  • IphoneDriver

Also, Webdriver API is easy and pretty simple. It does not contain orders that are repetitious. To the contrary, online Selenium RC training embodies a lot of the orders that are tautological.


In this tutorial, we strove to get you acquainted with Selenium testing with WebDriver by summarizing characteristics, its structure and constraints.

Here are the cruxes of the short article.

  • Selenium videos suite is comprised of 4 fundamental elements; Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Webdriver.
  • Selenium with Webdriver scripts enables user to execute internet based automation testing. Webdriver is not the same instrument completely that’s various advantages over Selenium RC training .
  • Webdriver supports an extensive array of evaluation environments, programming languages and web browsers.
  • Selenium with Webdriver online courses uses its native compatibility to automate and directly communicates using the web browser.
  • The support of Webdriver does not only limits in the periphery of user activities that are conventional. Like dealing Ajax calls, changing between windows, navigation, managing alarms etc. it supports efficient management mechanisms for sophisticated user activities
  • Webdriver empowers user to execute internet based testing that is cellular. Webdriver introduces Iphone Driver and AndroidDriver to support the same.
  • For the reason that it makes direct calls to browser with no outside intervention Webdriver is quicker than other tools of Selenium online training Suite.

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