Selenium Automation Framework Example

Introduction to Automation testing:

Testing is an essential portion of a software development process. While analyzing intermediate variants of products/projects being developed, testing staff has to implement a number of test cases. In addition, prior release a every new edition.

It is mandatory that the edition is passed through some regression and smoke tests.The majority of all such evaluations are standard for every new version of goods/project, and therefore might be automated to save human resources and time for running them.

Benefits of using automatic testing would be the following:

Reduction of evaluations time execution and human resources needed
Entire control on the tests results (actual outcomes vs predicted results)
Possibility to quickly change tests preconditions and input data, and re run the tests dynamically with numerous sets of info

Automation workflow for the application can be presented as follows:

  • First of all it is required to identify jobs an application must carry through.
  • Second, some required input data needs to be created.
  • Third, anticipated results have to be defined in arrangement you can judge that the application (a requested feature) functions correspondingly.
  • Fourth, Executes a evaluation.
  • Ultimately, Compares expected results with actual outcomes, and determines whether the test has been passed successfully.

Environment Specifications:

  • Selenium coaching hyderabad (Supports all major browsers, we use Mozilla, chrome and MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER)
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Java
  • TestNG
  • AutoIT Software (Used to manage Windows popups for Doc Uploads and Downloads.)
  • JExcel or Apache POI to execute operations with excel like study, write and update the excel sheet

This Framework has got the following software:

1. Selenium : Selenium is a well know open source testing framework, which can be popular for screening Internet-based programs. It has different components and in that Selenium tutorial Hyderabad has delivered the Selenium training on webdriver Remote-Control outdated, and is commonly known as Selenium online training 2.0.

Selenium with Webdriver coaching online hyderabad supports nearly all of all browsers to to perform your test instances and many programing languages like C#, Java, Python, Ruby, .Net, Perl, PHP, etc.. to produce and modify your test scripts.

2. Eclipse IDE : Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java. The Eclipse IDE is the most recognized product of the Eclipse Open-Source project.

3. TestNG : Is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit. It’s widened new functionalities which made it stronger and easier as opposed to other screening frameworks.

It supports ReportNG (simple HTML reporting plug-in) and XLST (Graphical / Pictorial reports) add-ins to customize or expand the default option TestNG reporting style.

TestNG also provides ability to implement ‘IReporter’ an interface which can be executed to create a Custom-Made TestNG report by customers. It has ‘generateReport()’ procedure which will be invoked after all the suite has completed its execution and provides the report into the designated output directory.

4. AutoIT : AutoIt v3 is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting. It works on the combination of simulated keystrokes, mouse movement and window/control manipulation in order to automate tasks that is difficult with selenium training tutorials.

You may also impute the other frameworks available here Keyword Driven Framework and Page Object Model Framework

File Formats Found in the Framework:

Properties file We use properties file to store and retrieve the UI elements of a software or a website and dataset file paths. It contains id of the components, name, xpath or Css selector etc.
Excel files Excel documents are used to pass multiple sets of data to the program.
Xml file can be used to run the test scripts. Depending on the package or groups or Evaluations mentioned in the xml file scripts will soon be executed.

The Following explains the structure in detail:-

1. UI Map / Item Repository

UIMap is a notion for defining, storing, and functioning UI components of an application or a web site. The UIMap attributes file contains a set of key-value pairs, where key is an alias of the UI element, plus a value is the locator.

2. Data Established / Test Data

Data set stores the data files, Script reads evaluation data from outside data sources and executes test based onto it. Data sets increases test coverage by executing testing with various inputs and decrease the number of overall test scripts needed to implement each of the test cases.

3. Test Automation Scripts

A test is recognized as an individual activity or a sequence of actions, that defines whether a particular feature fulfills functional requirements. It’s numerous evaluation files / programs / category files which is executed based on the settings defined in testng.xml.

4. Reports / Ran Results

Test report/results is a record which includes overview of evaluation activities. After execution is finished, it’s very important to convey the evaluation outcome and findings to the project manager together with the screenshots for failed tests and with that decisions might be manufactured for the launch.

5. TestNG xml file

To be able to develop a test-suite and run individual test instances, we require framework which drives the automation. Here testng.xml may be called as “driver” which drives several test cases automated using selenium tutorials code. Advantage of using TestNG with Selenium tutorial online is of operating multiple test cases from multiple types using xml settings file .

Selenium with WebDriver Interface

Interface In Java : Tutorials For Selenium with Webdriver online hyderabad.
I explained about Bequest and method overriding in java software-development language in my own previous post so I’m proposing you to read that post.

Especially method overriding theory before studying Interface In Java software-development.In the event you are going to go for selenium with webdriver Interview questions subsequently Interviewer will ask you first query : What’s Selenium course online hyderabad?

Individuals will give distinct distinct responses but correct response Is Selenium training online. Is an Interface. Therefore It’s most important things for all selenium tutorial hyderabad applications testing tool student to comprehend an Interface correctly.

What’s An Interface And Why To Put It To Use?

Using Interface, We are able to develop a deal or we are able to declare set of guidelines for conduct of app. Interface Is looks like course but It’s Not type. When you executes that Interface In virtually any course afterward all these Interface guidelines have to be used on such an group.

In form, Should you Execute an Interface on category you then have to need to override each of the ways of Interface In your group. Interface will generate Guidelines To Follow arrangement for group where It’s Executed.

By doing this, In The Event you examine the code of Interface, You will get Thought about your application business logic. If you are designing large design software programs like webdriver coaching Hyderabad , You need to use Interface to establish business-logic at First amount.

Interface may be Executed with any type using implements key word. There are set of guidelines to be adopted for making an Interface. I would like to tell you all these principles first and then provide you with an instance of an Interface.

  1. Interface CAn’t hold constructor.
  2. Interface CAn’t hold example fields/variables.
  3. Interface CAn’t hold electrostatic methods.
  4. You are unable to instantiate/create item of an Interface.
  5. Variants Inside Interface has to be static and required to initialize the variable.
  6. Any group can Execute Interface but CAn’t expand Interface.
  7. Can create physique less techniques Inside Interface.
  8. By default most of the methods and variants of Interface are public therefore no must supply access modifiers.

The interface Selenium course signifies the primary interface for screening a web browser example. In the event you are utilizing Selenium video tutorials 2 then it’s recommended to make use of the WebDriver training online hyderabad example due to the gains proposed inside my previous places.

This interface supplies most of the essential necessities for testing a web software. Usually the screening of a net program needs either one or all these three functions:

  • Controling the browser
  • Choice of WebElement
  • Debugging guides

The procedures in this category supply answers to what’s needed in all the three groups mentioned above:
Control of the browser:

  1. get(): Loads the webpage rendered by the URL string passed to the procedure. Similar effects could be had by utilizing Selenium tutorial
  2. Browse():Loads the webpage rendered by the Uniform Resource Locator and accessibility browser history
  3. close(): Shuts the Existing browser window
  4. Rather(): Shuts All browser windows related to the Selenium case
  5. switchTo(): Changes present window and re-directs all instructions to the newest current window (instance: switchTo().window(String))
  6. Handle(): Empowers access to browser menu products, such as include biscuits, logs etc
    Choice of WebElement:
  7. findElement(): Returns the first Webelement found
  8. findElements(): Returns all the WebElements discovered in the present web page
    Debugging guides:
  9. getCurrentUrl(): Returns the current URL loaded in the browser session
  10. getPageSource(): Returns HTML source of the existing page loaded in the browser
  11. getTitle(): Returns the name of present page
  12. getWindowHandle(): Return special string identifier of the existing window in the driver example
  13. getWindowHandles(): Return identifiers of all windows in the driver example

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