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On execution of the Selenium test on Webdriver we’re concentrating in this short article, we’ll find how to webdriver download and configure run your first webdriver tutorial script & the Webdriver with Eclipse.

Webdriver java setup is broken up directly into easy things to do to get & learn the best way to configure & Install WebDriver to kick of your automation testing. Additionally your first automation script will run using Webdriver.

Step 1) Download & Install Java in your Computer

Before begin working with the Learn Selenium with Webdriver, we are going to want the initial download Java Development Kit (JDK).

Step 2) Install Eclipse on your own computer

Eclipse is open source software development environment. It supports supports multiple languages. In this tutorial we will using Eclipse to write the code in run Java & your first test script.

Once you find the windows variant based on your own demand, you need to have the ability to download a “” ZIP file.

Extract the ZIP file in your Computer after you download the ZIP file.

For Eclipse, you may not require any setup; simply double click on “eclipse.exe” file in the extracted ZIP folder.

Step 3) Download Selenium Java Client Driver

Webdriver client driver can be found in different languages like Java, C#, Ruby, Python etc. In this essay we’re concentrating on Java language.

Steps 4) Configure Eclipse with WebDriver

In Step 2 we’ve installed Eclipse, simply Establish the “eclipse.exe” file in the extracted Eclipse folder.

When you open the “eclipse.exe” file then it’ll request that you choose the workspace, here it is possible to choose the route in which you would like to save Eclipse job.

Initial task is to generate a Java Job:

  • Visit File menu “>> New “>> Java Project.
  • Input Job Name as “Selenium_webdriver_job”
  • Click Finish button.

Second thing to do would be to generate a Group under Java job:

  • Under recently created job “Selenium Courses” you’ll see the “src” folder & right click the “src” folder & create the brand new group as “Webdriver_class”.
  • Right click on “Selenium_webdriver_job” & select Properties alternative.
  • Select “Java Build Path” choice in the left side of the Properties dialog box.
  • Click on Libraries tab
  • Click on “Add External JARs..” button.
  • Find the extracted Selenium Java Client Driver folder downloaded in Step3 & add all JAR files within the inside & outside of the “libs” folder. Once these JAR files are selected by you your properties folder will look like below.

Step 5) Run your first Selenium script.

Once you finish the Step 1 to Step 4 then you’re able to run your first Webdriver script. You only have to copy paste the code written to run your first script. Below which is written to code opens open the Google page inside & the newest Firefox browser window. In addition, it see the Name of the page & close the browser window.


//Run running above five easy measures. yout First Selenium Webriver videos script by copy paste below code after

import org.openqa.selenium. Webdriver;

import org.openqa.selenium.firefox. FirefoxDriver;

public group Webdriver_group

public static void main(String[] args)

WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();






In another module we are going to see its characteristics & some more Selenium tutorials on Webdriver . Working together with the WebDriver is extremely fascinating, you are going to adore these modules as it’s got so many info on Selenium and WebDriver & which help you a lot while doing the interviews & while doing automation testing using. Stay tuned for more updates

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